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Columba Agencies

Join the UK's leading network of undercover agency talent, comprised of independent marketing and technology agencies that love to punch above their weight

3 stage vetting

Free to join

Personally matched 

Oli Hills, CEO at Nonsensical

“Columba offer a fantastic service. Not only have they brought leads straight to us, without us having to do a thing, they also genuinely care about the interests of everyone involved in the process and want the best from every partnership. From our perspective, their feedback following pitches has been invaluable - knowing why a brand has said yes or no is a great learning curve!”

How it works

Firstly, this isn't a network for any and all agencies.

We want the agencies we recommend to truly represent the standard we know and love from top performing agencies.


This isn't just about awards and objective metrics... it's about who you are, the way you work and the mission you're on as a collective to grow your agency and create the best ROI for your clients.

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Our application process runs across three stages, but initially it all starts with a chat. If, by the end, the fit is mutually beneficial, we'll move on to the (more formal) set up onto our network.

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Columba agencies receive a free profile on our web-app, giving you a chance to showcase your agency and receive enquiries directly. You'll receive a profile building session as part of your on-boarding. 

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Receive qualified briefs suited to your agency and choose whether to enter the pitch. Columba qualifies all brands and ensures in-depth briefs. Win or lose, you'll receive detailed feedback. 


Columba agencies receive early finance options enabling you to receive payment on the same day you raise an invoice, eliminating any cash-flow issues.

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Free insight!?.. yep.

If you're a Columba agency you'll be hungry to improve and grow, and it's in our interest to make it easy for you to do so. Columba Insights offers you data from the conversations we have, and data collected from the Columba Web App enabling you to learn and improve.

Quick look data

Downloadable reports

Request custom data

Columba agency community

We're working on building a peer-led space for collaboration and learning between agencies. Our Slack community is the first step toward this. 


Connect with like-minded agency owners, directors and execs inside the Columba agency community on Slack. 

Speak with our marketing partnerships team for an advisory conversation

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