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Comprehensive pitch management, including comms, diary management and pitch hosting.

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How long does it take?

A fully managed pitch process takes an average of four weeks to complete

Are the meetings in-person or online?

Either - it’s totally up to you whether the process is run online, in-person or a mix of both. If you choose to have in-person meetings, you have the option of holding them at your offices or using Columba’s wide range of office space based in the heart of Birmingham

Will someone from Columba be there on the day?

If your meetings are online, your Pitch Manager will kick the meeting off and introduce everyone.
If your meetings are in-person and at your office, your Pitch Manager will be there on the day to let the agencies in/out, and take care of the small necessities like making tea!
If your meetings are in-person and at Columba’s office, your Pitch Manager will be there to make sure you have everything you need throughout the day.
We do not sit in on the meetings, however we are there to discuss immediate feedback if you’d like..

How many agencies do we meet?

We aim to put three agencies in each pitch. Too many, and things can get messy. That being said, if you have specific requirements to meet internally that mean you need to meet more agencies, we’ll happily work to support you.

Is it entirely our decision who we choose?

Entirely. We’re here to guide and act as a sounding-board if you’d like, but the decision is ultimately yours to make.

How do Columba select the agencies we meet?

Your pitch manager will review the criteria within your brief. They’ll conduct an in-depth search based on the criteria and begin shortlisting agencies to have conversations with. Each agency is qualified and vetted before finally entering the process.

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