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Limitless Travel

Fully managed tendering




Brief type

PR retainer

Services delivered

- Budget insight
- Brief discovery & build
- Agency search
- Agency vetting
- Pitch management
- In-person pitch hosting
- Dedicated pitch manager

Why Limitless used Columba

Limitless initially needed assistance writing an in-depth brief along with budget insight. Follow this Limitless wanted to use Columba to save time and resource during the pitch process.

Project summary



The Limitless Travel brief was two fold:
1. Create and execute a PR strategy to boost Limitless' brand awareness and ultimately drive new customers to the business.
2. Create and execute a strategy for increasing the personal brand of Limitless Travel's CEO.

Limitless formed a partnership with a fresh thinking agency that went on to deliver impressive results, gaining Limitless and their CEO regular national press coverage. Limitless has continued to retain the agency even following a review process 12 months later which involved another pitch.

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