Why Work With an Integrated Marketing Agency?

10 Reasons To Work With An Integrated Marketing Agency

So, what is an integrated marketing agency?


Integrated marketing agencies offer a holistic approach that encompasses all elements of communication and promotion, with the aim of satisfying all of your marketing needs under one roof. This may include branding, digital advertising, PR, and copywriting to name a few. 


We have broken down the top 10 reasons that choosing an integrated marketing agency can be so effective.


1) Experts In Their Field


A huge benefit of integrated marketing agencies is that they have large teams of skilled professionals who are experts in their specific field. These areas of expertise will range across a wide span of marketing and communications disciplines. Working with a team that possesses such a large breadth of knowledge ensures your strategy will be as effective and coherent as possible.

This consistency will be reflected in their output too – consumers really notice when a brand is putting out an inconsistent message, and having all of your efforts under one roof helps to avoid that.


2)  Levels Of Expertise


An integrated agency will be made up of a team of experts who each have their own specialty. Although you may have in-house marketing employees with the skills to conduct some of these marketing approaches, the extremely high level of expertise offered by an integrated marketing agency can ensure every single marketing approach is conducted to the highest standard.


3) Always Ahead Of The Game


For an integrated marketing agency, it is their job to always stay ahead of the latest trends. Knowing the latest changes in the marketing industry means the agency has the knowledge to adapt your marketing campaigns accordingly to get the best results.


4) Access To The Best Tools


Integrated marketing teams don’t just share expertise, they share resources. Between the whole team they will have an immense toolkit of resources, not only to help design your marketing campaigns but to track and analyse its progress. This allows them to quickly figure out what is working and what isn’t so you can make adjustments and keep you on track for success. 


The cost of these tools is often included in your campaign package, meaning you can access them at a much lower cost than if you had subscribed to each one outright.


5) Flexibility

When you are working with an integrated marketing agency you don’t have to use all of their services at the same time. However, having extra expertise and capacity there for when you need it means you have the resources to quickly implement new campaign ideas as you go. 


You can be confident that they will implement your campaign from start to finish with no limitations.


6) Punctuality


Integrated agencies are often more efficient as they share information and data across departments and services leading to better understanding of your brand and its goals. This means you don’t have to spend time reviewing for consistency across multiple agencies and repeating yourself.


Plus, an integrated approach makes it easier to measure your progress and ensure you are on track.

7) Greater Breadth And Depth To Your Campaign

Working together with such a varied knowledge base maximises results as the different areas complement each other. For example, the SEO team will work with the PR team, copywriters will work closely with the digital marketing team, all bouncing ideas off each other.

This adds breadth and depth across the different channels as they will advise and feed into one another for a successful and cohesive result.

8) Talent Acquisition

For an integrated marketing agency its employees are its product. This means they have the best of the best, people who thrive in marketing and in fast-paced environments. Access to a team of passionate, knowledgeable individuals can completely transform your marketing strategy.

9) Joint Effort

When working with an integrated marketing agency you benefit massively from their team communication. Members of the marketing team will work side by side, sharing expertise and resources. 

One marketing agency means one single point of contact can relay information to all the areas of the team, this means when you offer insight you only need to offer it once and communications naturally stay clear and consistent. This makes working together, as a joint effort, much simpler.

10) Working With You


The agency will work with you, taking into account your objectives and budget so that they come to understand your goals, your company and your audience. This results in an effective and wide-ranging marketing strategy that really speaks for your business.


So, working with you to transform your strategy and implement your plans, an integrated marketing agency can add a huge amount of value to your marketing.

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