What Services Should a Marketing Agency Offer?

What Services Should A Marketing Agency Offer?

Whether you’ve just started a business or you own an established company, you’ve probably been told by now that digital marketing is the most effective way to make your business more successful. You may have Googled the term, looked into the logistics and decided that the task looks too complex and time-consuming for you to do alongside running your business; and you’re not wrong, marketing is a full-time occupation.

If you’re considering hiring a marketing agency to work for you, it’s important to get up to speed on all the services a marketing agency offers. Not to worry, we have all the information you need to get you started.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Ultimately the purpose of a digital marketing agency is to make your business more profitable. There are a number of ways in which marketing makes more revenue for your business and you’ll find that the services offered are often very interlinked.

A digital marketing agency will work with you to increase your online visibility, generate new customers and create repeat business. Marketing and sales are very closely linked in that marketers should make your salespeople’s jobs a little easier.

With a good marketing campaign, your brand will be more widely known, so your salespeople will have a warmer reception. As well as that, a digital marketing agency will create more inbound leads for you to follow up with.

What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Offer?

The kind of services on offer from a digital marketing agency differ from company to company. Some choose to specialise in just social media campaigns, others might be experts at Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, while others will offer a fully integrated marketing solution. Generally speaking, the kinds of services on offer from Digital Marketers include:

  • Website strategy: Conducting user research to see how effective your sales funnel is and how easy your website is to navigate. This information is used to alter your website to be more effective at generating sales.
  •  Branding: Updating your branding to be attractive to your target demographic and ensuring it’s consistent across all platforms.
  • Demographic research: Finding out more about your demographic’s spending habits and personalities to tailor your website to them.
  • Content creation: Creating regular content to engage with your demographic and build an authoritative tone.
  • Social media marketing: Using social media platforms to boost engagement and increase online visibility.
  • Email marketing: Creating relevant and effective sales emails to customers who sign up.
  • Affiliate marketing: Working with other companies to boost sales and earn commission on new customers generated.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Ensuring your website is ranking well on Google and getting as much traffic as possible. This is normally achieved through the use of keywords or paid marketing campaigns.
  • E-commerce marketing: Using a combination of keywords and marketing strategies to make your e-commerce store more profitable.

How Much Do Digital Marketing Agencies Charge?

How long is a piece of string? There are many variables that factor into the cost of a marketing agency and your quote will depend entirely on your requirements.

Are you looking for a full-host of services or a single service? Is this a one-off project or ongoing work? Are you going to be hands-on or hands-off? Are you working with one generalist from a small marketing firm or a team of specialists from a large organisation?

The best way to get an accurate quote is to be honest about what you’re hoping to achieve. Sit down and create a brief – use the questions above as the basis of your outline – and think about some key deliverables you’d like to see as a result of your marketing campaign. Give out your brief to a number of agencies and let them create a pitch for you.

Remember, cheapest isn’t always best; the results of your marketing campaign should lead to an increased return on investment for your business so think about this as an investment rather than a cost.

Of course, you could take the hassle out of finding agencies to get quotes from by using Columba. Submit your brief to us and we’ll round up agencies that are the best match for you, and keep all your quotes in one place to make it easier to compare and contrast.

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