What Makes A Good Marketing Agency?

What Makes A Good Marketing Agency?

Whether you’ve just started a business or you own an established company, you’ve probably been told by now that digital marketing is the most effective way to make your business more successful. You may have Googled the term, looked into the logistics and decided that the task looks too complex and time-consuming for you to do alongside running your business; and you’re not wrong, marketing is a full-time occupation.

If you’re considering hiring a marketing agency to work for you, it’s important to get up to speed on all the services a marketing agency offers. Not to worry, we have all the information you need to get you started.


A marketing company is nothing without its talent. An agency’s employees are the driving factor and the key to a successful marketing campaign. When you’re working with an agency, make sure they have a team of specialists to tackle all aspects of a marketing campaign effectively and the results will speak for themselves.


Effective communication between you and your marketing agency is key to ensuring that you are on the same page when it comes to your branding and content. You need to know that your Account Manager is listening to your brief and feeding back to you with concerns, critiques and points to make the campaign even more successful. If your brief gets lost in translation, your campaign will miss the mark. Ask how often your agency will be in contact with you to provide updates and work drafts.


Your aim in an online world is to stand out against the crowds, yet It’s shocking how many agencies end up pitching the same concepts and campaigns. If this happens, you’re either dealing with a cookie cutter agency who have recycled a previous pitch from a similar client without getting to know your business, or they lack creativity.


Once you have found an agency that has come up with a unique and interesting concept, you need to make sure they can deliver on their promises. In an attempt to win your business, the agency may have oversold their team’s abilities and you could end up with something that really misses the mark. The best way to check if your agency can fulfil their brief is to look at their online reviews and previous work to see if the quality matches up to what they say they can deliver.

Problem Solving

It’s very rare for a marketing campaign to run without any setbacks. You and your agency will likely face challenges that you couldn’t have predicted ahead of time. This is completely normal and not something to shy away from. What makes a good marketing agency is one that can problem-solve and come up with solutions rather than excuses. If you hit a snag early on and your agency is evasive or putting the responsibility on to you, they are likely inexperienced and may not be the best agency to run your campaign.

Data Analysis

A good marketing campaign hinges on data. You need to know the details of your starting point and measure the output of your efforts to know if your campaign is working. A good marketing agency will check in on the data frequently throughout the campaign to analyse what is and isn’t working. This way they can re-adjust the campaign to maximise your results.


A big part of marketing is branding. You are putting the public image of your company into someone else’s hands. This is a big responsibility and you’ll want to be confident that your agency is up to the challenge. Take a look at the agency’s own branding. Is it consistent, professional and reflective of who they are? If something feels a little bit off with their own online presence, don’t trust them to look after yours.

Digital Fluency

Technology adapts, algorithms change, and the ‘next big thing’ blows up in the blink of an eye. The best marketing agencies are keeping on top of all the changes in their industry and are adept at using all platforms. If your agency is referring to lots of technologies or strategies that you’ve never heard of, it’s probably a good thing. After all, it’s this cutting-edge marketing that’s going to win you more business.


The biggest and most important factor to consider when choosing a marketing agency is how much value for money they are. Value for money is very different from cheapest. You should look for the agency that can show that the output of their campaign will offset the initial investment you make and ultimately make your business more profitable and more successful.

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