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PR talks with Lis Lewis-Jones from Liquid PR

Welcome to the next in our series of interviews with Birmingham's best PR agencies. We sat down with Lis from Liquid to hear about their very successful start to the year and got very jealous of their fabulous office!

Here is the first in our series of interviews with Birmingham's best PR agencies! We sat down with Ranbir, the Director of Vitis PR, to get the scoop on what makes them unique.

What is it like working at Liquid day to day?

We are pretty much back in the office, but it's very hybrid and flexible. Like we always say, there is no point driving in rush hour if you don't have to, so it isn't that rigid!

As an agency, we got a reputation for managing food which led to us getting a demonstration kitchen. We now have two chefs, David, our food director, who is also our operations director and Olivier, our development chef. We really are very lucky, for our staff social yesterday, Olivier made tacos and hot dogs in homemade bread. It's never just a normal cake on our coffee breaks!

What exciting stuff have you guys got going on at the moment?

We have had an incredible start to 2022. We have just celebrated winning 14 new clients so far this year! The wine fridge is always stocked up so we can toast to the important stuff, so we had some pink fizz and nibbles to celebrate!

So, what makes Liquid Unique?


  • We were named "Best Agency Outside of London" at the 2021 PRWeek awards.

  • We are the only UK PR consultancy that is also based in the Channel Islands, so we do a lot of financial and corporate work.

  • We have global clients who want promotion in the UK and also UK businesses who want promotion abroad.

  • Currently, we are doing work in Luxembourg, Africa, the Far East, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Texas, Oman, all over really. What makes us different is that we don't have people on the ground in these places. We get to know these jurisdictions through the work we are doing out of Birmingham.

  • We are also the 5th largest consultancy in the UK to work in the public sector, we have a lot of public sector clients.

And I hear you guys are moving offices?

Yeah, we are expanding our office onto another floor so we can have some extra space. So we will still have a development kitchen but also a few extra bits. For instance, we will have some more spaced out areas where people can take calls and a new yoga breakout area! We already provide everyone with an hour of yoga a week because I think it's really important, so it will be great to have a dedicated space for that.


We absolutely loved catching up with Liquid PR! Don't forget to stay tuned next week to hear from Hannah at Make More Noise and find out what makes them different.


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