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PR talks with Charlotte Thorp from Kinetic Communications

Welcome to the next in our series of interviews with Birmingham's best PR agencies! We sat down with Charlotte to find out what sets Kinetic apart from the crowd.

Here is the first in our series of interviews with Birmingham's best PR agencies! We sat down with Ranbir, the Director of Vitis PR, to get the scoop on what makes them unique.

So you are Director of Client Services, what does that look like day to day?

Day to day, I oversee client work, make sure they get ROI, see where they are succeeding and where we need to adjust. We work to an ISO system to give a sense of quality assurance, so today, specifically, I'm working around that and making sure it's as effective as it can be!

Back in 2006, you became the first PR agency to truly guarantee results. Do you think this guarantee is key to creating trust with clients?

Yeah, we were the first consultancy to guarantee results, which means they can see what they will get at the end. For a lot of people, it is their first experience hiring a PR agency, so they don't really know what they get at the end. For example, for a media campaign, we guarantee coverage, so they can be confident we will reach their objective.

What is it like working at Kinetic?

Well, like a lot of people, it didn't make sense to come back to the office five days a week, so we do a mix at the moment. We are a small, tight-knit team, so we do a monthly social and meet up in between. Like last month, we celebrated Burns Night with some Haggis and this month, we will play darts at Flight Club. It is really nice to catch up with each other outside of work.

What exciting projects have you guys got going on at the moment?

We are working with a lot of small businesses at the moment on small projects that make a big difference. Currently, we are working on a project for a community trust with local MP's about universal credit and families on the breadline, making sure that comes across correctly. We are also helping a company land in the US, so working on all sorts.

What kind of clients do you usually work with?

We mostly work with small to medium-sized businesses. Sectors like construction, environmental and health, we work with a lot of B2B and tech companies too. These sorts of companies are knowledgeable but need help to translate that knowledge in a way that will engage their audience.

Tell me a bit about business "DNA"...

This always comes right at the start of our campaigns. No two businesses are the same; your DNA is what defines you, your message has to be what you will actually deliver.

We always start with this as it helps ensure your content has a purpose, and you're not just giving jazz hands. PR is about the business and what the audience wants and needs, and we need to pinpoint that correctly.

Similarly, you guys have really clear packages available. Do you think this upfront and honest approach is important?

We have developed these packages over the last four years for clarity. For example, our Kickstarter package is a 2-hour support session where we help businesses develop some strategies that they can go away and implement themselves, so they get max input for minimum investment. But these packages are just guidelines.


We absolutely loved catching up with Kinetic Communications! Don't forget to stay tuned next week to hear from Lis at Liquid PR and find out what makes them tick.


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