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Looking to up your digital marketing game?

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite online marketing tools.


Finding new software to help with your marketing isn’t always easy when there are a plethora of tools available, many of which with similar functionalities.

That’s why we’ve narrowed down our top 5 digital marketing tools that we’ve personally tried and tested and wholeheartedly recommend.

Apollo (Email Marketing)

We’ve almost all heard of Mailchimp which allows you to send beautifully designed emails out on schedule and keep track of email interactions. However, if you’re using email as a means of direct outreach to support lead gen or Account Based Marketing, you’re going to need to look beyond the capabilities of common email tools like Mailchimp, which are increasingly requiring double opt for all email addresses imported into the platform.

That’s where Apollo comes in.

To help you create a GDPR-compliant prospect list, Apollo offers an in-built database that enables you to find new leads and add them directly to your email sequences. One of its best features, the LinkedIn Chrome Extension, allows you to find verified email addresses and phone numbers directly within LinkedIn. Combine this with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and you have a foolproof way of sending targeted marketing campaigns to highly relevant prospects.

Like Mailchimp, Apollo also allows you to set up email sequences and schedule them in advance with detailed analytics to help you decide the best time to send emails and the best segments to target.

One thing to be aware of is the pricing is somewhat based on the number of people in your team so although the ability to set up a team on the site is awesome, you may be capped at 3 people per domain depending on what subscription tier you go for.

Unbounce (Landing Page Builder)

Unbounce is a low-code solution that helps marketers quickly create landing pages that convert.

Looking to build and experiment with a variety of landing pages without investing in significant development resource or redesigning your core site? This could be the software for you.

With over 100 templates to choose from and an easy to use drag and drop tool Unbounce is great for quickly A/B testing new ideas to increase conversions.

Plus, their new AI feature ‘Smart Traffic’ automatically matches visitors to the page version they’re most likely to convert on, allowing you to create different styles of landing pages for different customer segments.

Octopus (Social media/CRM)

Despite labelling itself as CRM software, Octopus CRM specialises in LinkedIn automation, and is pretty awesome at what it does.

Within Octopus you can build your own marketing funnels on LinkedIn and automate personalised connection requests/messages, allowing you to take your LinkedIn prospecting to a new level.
It also doesn’t require your LinkedIn log-in details so you still have full control over your account, which is another big win.

Copper (CRM)

Copper CRM is brilliant if you have your team set up on Google Workspace. It’s integration with Google is flawless allowing you to directly link contacts across your team and share emails and tasks with one another easily.

Copper Also allows you to set up a visually clear customer journey (complete with custom stages) so you can keep an eye on potential customers from the moment they express interest, through to sealing the deal Their task automation feature also means you can manage your team’s work even after the deal is closed. After all, maintaining existing customer relationships is just as important as acquiring new ones.

SEM Rush (SEO and more)

More commonly known, but not to be ignored, is SEM-Rush.

SEM-Rush has a tonne of inbuilt analysis tools and their SEO tools are trusted by SEO agencies far and wide (which tells you everything you need to know!). If you’re looking to grow your organic traffic, track competitor performance, or look for new ways to improve your digital marketing, SEM-Rush is a goldmine of information.
For SEO specifically, it can help you uncover millions of local and national backlinks, analyse any domain’s backlink profile, and run detailed technical SEO audits.

The site can also help you craft SEO friendly content, conduct and keep track of market research, keep track of your paid advertising campaigns, and your social media marketing strategy.

Let us know if you check out any of these awesome digital marketing tools, we’d love to hear from you. Of course, whilst these tools make digital marketing easier they still can’t replace specialist expertise so if you’re really looking to drive website conversions and grow organic traffic, hiring an agency may be the best decision for you.

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