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With the right message, reaching out to potential clients through email could be your most influential form of marketing strategy but finding the right agency to help you achieve this can be difficult.


That’s why we take care of the entire process and help connect you with the very best Email Marketing agencies in London.

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Email marketing agencies on your doorstep

Regardless of your business size, and how long you’ve been in the industry, to build strong relationships with your clients you need to implement excellent email marketing campaigns.


A London email marketing agency can free-up the time you would need to dedicate when implementing a successful email company so you have time to focus on perfecting your brand and its services.

Top email marketing companies in London

Forming relationships with your customers is extremely important no matter the size of your business and the services it offers. As one of the most influential channels for marketing and personal contact with customers old and new, email marketing is essential for your business’s success.  


However, taking the time to craft, send, and reply to emails takes time and energy that your business could spend focusing on establishing your brand and fine-tuning your services. So, the solution is to find a London Email Marketing agency that understands you and can make your life simple.

Benefits of email campaigns

80% of retail businesses believe that email marketing is their most successful channel for building customer relationships and on average, customers generated through email will spend 138% more than other customers so a well crafted email campaign is essential for boosting your business.


However, potential customers are always being bombarded with marketing emails so you’ll need an excellent email campaign to stand out from the competition and generate leads.


A London Email Marketing agency can understand your business and how you can use email marketing to establish your brand, drive traffic to your products, and build customer relationships.


Whilst thinking up the creative content to include in your email campaigns can be tricky, reaching out to both potential and pre-existing customers through this channel is essential for your businesses growth and overall success.

How we match your business with a London marketing agency

We take the complicated process of vetting and connecting with the perfect email marketing agency and make it easy for you.


To start you’ll need to reach out and send us a project brief you can fill in our contact form, give us a call, or use our brief generator if you need help with what to include.


Our team will then carefully select three agencies they feel our most suited to you based on your brief.


We have detailed records on agencies and a varied database including agencies of diverse sizes and price-points so we can ensure you find the perfect email marketing agency for you and your business.

Get matched today

We take care of the next part too! We’ll organise introductory meetings with the three selected agencies so you can gage an initial understanding of how they could benefit you. Then, if you’re interested, the agencies will pitch to you so you have more details to support your decision.


You won’t even need to worry about the all important final decision as our team will be on hand with plenty of advice and support throughout the entire process to make sure you’re matched with the perfect agency for you. 


Finding the right email marketing agency in London for you can be a daunting task, but we’re here to take out the hard-work and make sure you’re connected with an agency that will make a real difference to your business. Our method removes the risk of agency procurement and gets you what you need to boost your businesses success. 

How It Works

Submit Brief

Give us a call, fill in our contact form, or use our brief generator to send us a brief.

Quick Call

If needed, we’ll give you a quick call to find out a little more about your project.

Get Matched

We’ll handpick and match you with the 3 the most suitable agencies.

Organise Meetings

Meetings with agencies will be organised on your behalf, the first being an introduction, the second being their pitch.

Helping Hand

You’ll receive support, advice and prompts to help you formalise your decision process.

Appoint Your Agency!

Congratulations, you’ve now just appointed the right agency for your business! Pop the champagne!

Ready to find your perfect agency?

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I've appointed three amazing agencies for three separate projects using Columba. Knowing that each agency I spoke to had been vetted against my very specific needs massively reduced any hassle or risk involved. To be honest, I won't ever appoint an agency again without going through this process.

Lyndon Pryce

S Jones Containers (Aldridge)

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