How To Know You’ve Found ‘The One’ – 5 key indicators

How To Know You’ve Found ‘The One’

5 Key Indicators


So you’ve spoken to an agency, or better still, a few agencies. How can you be sure you’ve found the right one?

Some things are obvious – you’ll know instinctively if you like the people you spoke to, if you felt they asked the right questions and offered the right level of expertise. These are all valid and important reactions to have from meeting a new agency.

But keep in mind that instinct can also betray us. No doubt we’ve all had an experience where we’ve met someone we think is great, only to find out later down the line that they weren’t at all who we thought they were. 

Writing an accurate brief and having plenty of discussions in advance of starting any project can help avoid these problems but as a safety, there are also a few key things you should look out for before deciding to commit to an agency.

1. Did they do their research?

It’s critical that the agency you work with has an understanding of your business, your industry and your key competitors. You can also play a part in this by providing some of this information prior to meeting them, but you should also expect them to go away and further that research prior to meeting you or presenting a pitch. A good agency will make it clear that they’ve used this information to inform their choices.

2. Who did you meet from their team?

Before you start working with an agency, you really want to know who you’ll be communicating with and better still – exactly who will be working on your account and what they’ll be doing. You want to hear about them, their expertise and their ideas for the brief. 

3. Were they transparent about spending?

If you’ve set a hard upper limit for a budget (which we recommend you do in any brief!), the agency should be able to give you ideas on how that money could be used and what for. While this is bound to change a little further down the line as you finalise the actions for the project, it’s important that the agency are willing to talk about it.

4. Did they ask questions about you and what you’re looking for?

A good agency will always ask questions, no matter how detailed your brief is. Work with an agency that’s inquisitive, and open to dialogue.

5. Were they clear about their reporting style?

Did they discuss how and when they would report the results of the campaign/project to you? Keeping track of the results is crucial for understanding the success of a project, so make sure the agency you work with is ready to deliver this in a style that suits your business and your needs.


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