How To Find The Best Digital Marketing Agency In Your Area

How To Find The Best Digital Marketing Agency In
Your Area

Your marketing budget will have the biggest effect on your company’s growth and return on investment. In the right hands, it can elevate your business to the next level. In the wrong hands, it can put you back at square one. So what should you be looking out for to find the best digital marketing agency near you?

Why You Need To Find The Best Agency For You

When you work with a digital marketing agency you are essentially handing over your company’s public image to them. Everything your business stands for and the way you interact with your demographic will be entirely down to them. This is why it’s so important to find an agency that understands your business, your goals, and the way you want your company to be perceived. No two companies will have the same goals and desires so finding the right agency for you will be an entirely bespoke journey.

Key Considerations:

When you’re meeting with potential digital agencies there are a number of considerations you should weigh up before you make your decision.

1. Who Will Manage Your Account?

Bear in mind when dealing with an agency that the salesperson you are speaking with will not be your account holder. Make sure you find out ahead of time who your account manager will be and meet with them. It doesn’t matter how credible you think the salesperson is, they’re not the one you’ll be dealing with everyday. You’ll get a much better understanding of how your account will be managed by speaking directly with the team.

2. Methodology

Ask how the agency goes about achieving their clients’ goals and the method behind it. Knowing each step of the process will allow you to change the methodology to suit your goals.

By asking about the methodology, you’ll also be able to see if you’re dealing with a “cookie-cutter” agency – one that has the same methodology for every client without rhyme or reason.

Each client’s goals and actionables will be slightly different so no marketing agency should have a one-size-fits-all approach.

3. Mapping Your Objectives

Provide your chosen agencies with a brief outline of the objectives you want to achieve and let them map out the steps it will take to get there, including a timeline.

Doing so will allow you to see which agencies are really considering your account and needs rather than just conducting a sales pitch.

You can also use this roadmap to measure whether the agency lives up to their promises if you do decide to work with them.

4. What Don’t They Know?

Marketing is an ever-evolving beast. Marketers tend to specialise in one aspect of their field (social media, copy, web design, SEO, PPC etc.) to really master it. If you’re speaking to a marketer who claims to have mastered every element, be wary. Generalist agencies tend to have a team of specialists who work together to provide a complete service, which is fine, but if you’re speaking to a freelancer or very small organisation making big claims, be sceptical.

5. Quality Of Service

A big part of marketing is branding. You are putting the public image of your company into someone else’s hands. This is a big responsibility and you’ll want to be confident that your agency is up to the challenge. Take a look at the agency’s own branding. Is it consistent, professional and reflective of who they are? If something feels a little bit off with their own online presence, don’t trust them to look after yours.

6. Reliability

Have they called when they said they would? Did they send over the information they said they would? Did they do the research they said they would?

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, you haven’t found the best marketing agency.

7. Knowledge Of Your Account

Any marketer worth their salt will know your company inside-out before they pitch to you.

They’ll know your target demographic, competitors, growth trajectory, and products. They’ll also expand their knowledge by asking insightful questions about your current marketing strategy and any frustrations you’ve had in gaining momentum.

By exploring your company’s history they’ll be in a stronger position to map out your company’s future.

How We Can Help

If you don’t have the time or resources to vet the agencies in your area, but don’t want to compromise on a quality service, Columba can help. We’ll take your brief to market, cherry pick the best agencies for your specification and then present you with a shortlist of pitches from reliable, tried-and-tested agencies.

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