How Columba Can Help You – The Brand Experience

How Columba Can Help You

The Brand Experience

Today, to introduce our services properly to those who haven’t yet been through it, we’ll be speaking to Lyndon to see what his experience was like with Columba.
What’s your role in your current company?
I run the marketing function for S Jones Containers, a West Midlands based B2B organisation that sells and hires shipping containers and also modifies and converts them for industrial applications such as storing Lithium-Ion Batteries. 

Can you tell us a little bit about why you decided to use Columba?
To confidently hire genuinely talented agencies! One of the largest challenges when taking over a marketing function is ensuring that the existing agency roster is fit for purpose and well-suited to the needs of the company. The thing is, as a Marketing Manager or Director, you cannot afford to gamble on agencies based on word of mouth or how pretty their website is: you need a robust process and buy-in from Senior Management. 

Columba’s service is the closest thing to an agency tender process for independent agencies, and therefore takes the risk out of hiring. 

So, how did you find Columba’s brief writing process?
It was great. Briefs are notoriously time consuming to do right, but a poor brief means poor project delivery. Columba helped by taking me through their brief writing process which cuts right to the core of what agencies need and want to know in order to pitch effectively. 

Was the pitch process as you’d expected?
It was better than I’d expected! It’s like Dragon’s Den and I’ve enjoyed the process so much that I’ve been through it twice now for two different projects. Being able to review and compare a vetted shortlist of agencies face to face in a two stage process enables you to really get under their skin and work out whether or not they’re right for the project.

Most important question. Were you happy with the agencies that you met through Columba?
Yes, massively. To date, I’ve used the process to hire a PPC agency, SEO agency, and two different web development agencies for two different website projects. All have delivered demonstrable ROI, and have driven home just how important it is to speak to multiple agencies before committing to a long term partnership with one. 

Would you recommend our service or use it again?
100% – it’s a no brainer. It gives you and anyone your report to, the peace of mind that you have thoroughly reviewed the best agencies the UK has to offer. In fact, whenever I need a new agency, I’ll be using Columba.   


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