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Integrated procurement




Project type

Integrated Procurement

Services delivered

- Retained integrated procurement
- Agency search
- Agency vetting
- Pitch management
- Dedicated account manager

Why GoodCloud used Columba

Sony required one point of contact for multi-regional agency procurement in order to save time and have a dedicated partner that understood their values.

Project summary



Columba were asked to operate as a single point of contact for Sony's regional agency procurement in the 12 months leading up to the pandemic. Sony frequently needed regional marketing agencies for project based work, however the marketing team were too busy to run on-going procurement themselves. Instead of having to find, vet and educate agencies each time, Columba acted as a single point of contact for all regional agency procurement.

Across 12 months Sony were able to partner with seven marketing agencies across the UK. Columba ran pitches in line with Sony's procurement guidelines and acted as an extension of their team, communicating Sony's voice and ensuring their criteria was met when choosing agencies to put forward for pitches. Sony formed partnerships with agencies they had never previously heard of and were able to engage fresh thinking with regional knowledge as a result.

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