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Fully managed tendering




Brief type

Digital Marketing retainer

Services delivered

- Budet insight
- Brief discovery & build
- Agency search
- Agency vetting
- Pitch management
- In-person pitch hosting
- Dedicated pitch manager

Why Glide used Columba

Glide had an under-performing agency that had unfortunately become complacent with their current setup. Columba were brought in to run a review, offer advice and ultimately find a suitable replacement by running a full tender. 

Project summary



Run a complete analysis of Glide's marketing functions and create a strategy that once executed would support grow in target sectors across the UK for Glide. Focus on SEO & PPC to deliver results. 

Columba ran a performance review that resulted in a tender process which included the incumbent agency. Two agencies were hired to split responsibility and focus across a combined strategy supporting digital marketing. 

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