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Best PR agencies in Bristol

A great PR agency is about more than just spinning promotional content. They work directly with public opinion, analysing their attitudes in general and specifically towards your product or services. They use this insight to drive policy and decision-making within your business, and carefully consider your organisation’s reputation, social responsibilities and the general consequences of certain actions or strategies. 


The best PR companies in Bristol will have a keen intuition into how public perception feeds into your marketing, fundraising, or even government relations. They can conduct useful research and data analysis, and make sure that your business objectives, budgets, staffing and so on are congruent with a larger vision. What this means for your individual business all depends on you – a PR agency may write speeches, publish press releases, coordinate events, do market research, create pitches, manage reputation crises, strategize on social media and maintain business networks. 


Your business might not need a PR agency at all. These teams are primarily for those companies that need to develop, maintain and protect their public image; it’s all about converting the business vision into appropriate messages that can then be shared with the media. When news isn’t particularly flattering, a PR agency can step in and do damage control, mitigating the problem and even finding new opportunities to take advantage of.

Benefits of using PR firms

A PR firm offers much more than simple marketing. In effect, the right PR group is a strategic partner, and someone who can liaise effectively to manage and boost your reputation in the public sphere. A PR expert understands the power of public image, of conversations, and of exactly what captures an audience’s attention and trust. A PR group can make sure that social media content is appropriately pitched and not likely to offend,  as well as know when to push a company to take a risk with a new innovation or angle. 


When you hire an experienced PR agency, they have their finger on the cultural and political pulse and know how best to position your business. PR experts are usually ex-journalists and have plenty of local expertise to bring to the table. They understand how best to pitch stories and which journalists to appeal to. They can offer objective, honest advice and give valuable feedback on what stories have real potential.


What’s most important is that you feel you’re working with your PR agency, carefully crafting a good media presence, and building relationships with journalists and editors that will help put your business in the best light. Public relations firms have the same goals as your marketing, SEO or graphic design teams, only their methods are rather different. A PR team can boost your business visibility and credibility, and beyond that, strengthen your unique brand image, improving the dialogue you have with the public in general. 

How we match your business with a PR company in Bristol

The client-agency fit is perhaps most important when it comes to public relations. While an all-in-one advertising agency can have a sufficient impact using general techniques, a good Bristol PR agency will work with your business on a far more intimate, personalised basis. This is why it’s so important to trust that your agency truly understands your business vision, and has the experience, expertise and local connections to communicate that message to the public. 


Instead of researching dozens of PR agencies in Bristol, you could instead send a single pitch to us here at Columba that outlines your business goals and needs, and we can do the legwork for you. We’ve built and maintained a large network of industry professionals, including PR experts, who we know can help your business grow. We match you with three of our best choices and let you appoint the group that resonates best, offering professional advice and support throughout. A PR team can make an enormous difference when it comes to taking your business to the next level – so it’s worth making sure that you get it right the first time round.

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I've appointed three amazing agencies for three separate projects using Columba. Knowing that each agency I spoke to had been vetted against my very specific needs massively reduced any hassle or risk involved. To be honest, I won't ever appoint an agency again without going through this process.

Lyndon Pryce

S Jones Containers (Aldridge)

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