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Whatever your business niche or industry, you may reach a point where you need an experienced professional to put together an app for you. App design is fundamental for many businesses, but it is often an afterthought.


Today, however, there are hundreds of thousands of apps, and consumers have come to have high expectations. What used to be a largely freelance and ad-hoc profession has, in more recent years, become a thriving industry of formidable proportions.

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Best app development agencies in Bristol

An app developer is essentially a software designer who creates a smartphone or device app for your customers to use. That could be for banking, music, social media or eCommerce – or something entirely different. Apps can be small and simple, or they can be complex and integrate many sophisticated features. It all depends on you.


An app developer may work with a graphic designer, as well as your advertising and social media teams, to make sure that the app they build is on-brand and offers a great user experience for your customers. They can help you launch the new app and monitor any ongoing bugs and keep on top of hosting and infrastructure in the long term. An app developer may even work with your main web developer to iron out a seamless integration of web and mobile UX.


The best app development agencies in Bristol are those that work with a team of experienced and qualified app developers, each with different specialisms and experience. The coding that goes into the backend of any app can be difficult to understand, so you need to be sure that your app is being built securely and robustly. You could approach such an agency with a clear outline or consult them directly for conceptual ideas on how to build a popular and useful app, whether you monetize it directly or not.

Benefits of app design agencies

The benefits of hiring a skilled coder and software developer are obvious; this kind of work is difficult to do without the necessary expertise, and hiring unskilled staff to do the task can be risky. If you go with an app development agency, however, you can work with a developer who has direct experience with the kind of app you’re trying to create. They’ll have the know-how to build an application that not only suits the user’s needs, but also fits your budget and your overall business plan.


Another benefit is that an inclusive service typically comes with different versions of the app to be run on smartphones, laptops and tablets, without losing usability. This directly impacts how your customers see you, your brand visibility and your credibility. 


Once launched, your app developer can stay on top of updates and make sure that any bugs that emerge are dealt with swiftly, so that you don’t lose sales or momentum. Though app development may seem like a mostly technical role, the truth is that good app developers also need to be excellent communicators and work creatively to bring to life an app that fits your broader brand vision.

How we match your business with an app development agency in Bristol

Any skilled and experienced app developer from any of the established Bristol app development agencies should be able to piece together an app that is more than fit for purpose. However, there is a lot more to app development than this, and it’s probably worth choosing a developer that has worked with companies similar to yours in the past. They’ll know what works, and they’ll have local industry insight into your target market. 


To make sure that you have the best chance of creating an app that goes above and beyond the competition, Columba is on hand to match you with the exact app developers that will best understand your vision. You’ll be introduced to our three best picks for you from our extensive and well-vetted database. We then arrange meetings with these app development agencies, so you can learn more about them and see if you click; after that, you can receive formal pitches and make your decision on who to appoint.


At Columba, we understand that a big decision like this can be a little nerve-wracking, so we’re on hand to offer support and advice to help you make the best choice. A professionally made app can really set your business apart from the rest, so it’s worth making sure you’re partnered with the right Bristol app development agency to suit your objectives. 

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I've appointed three amazing agencies for three separate projects using Columba. Knowing that each agency I spoke to had been vetted against my very specific needs massively reduced any hassle or risk involved. To be honest, I won't ever appoint an agency again without going through this process.

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