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A strong organic online presence is critical for today's marketers, but finding the right SEO agency can be tricky.


That's why we find, vet and organise pitches from the very best SEO agencies in Birmingham and the West Midlands on your behalf.

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World-class SEO agencies on your doorstep

No matter the size of your company, your industry or how long you’ve been in business, you need a powerful online presence, and nothing can impact your business success quite like the right SEO marketing strategy.


But designing and implementing such a strategy can be risky, time-consuming, and expensive, yielding inconsistent results. So, the first step is to find a local SEO agency in Birmingham that really understands where you’re coming from.

Find a true pay-per-click expert

Finding a reliable PPC agency to effectively build and manage your account is challenging.


That’s why we work closely with specialist PPC agencies everyday, keeping detailed records on the performance of their clients’ PPC accounts.


This means whether you need a one-time account refresh or on-going management of your Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts, we’ll only ever match you with agencies that are truly suited to your budget, your industry and how you work.


The best SEO agencies in Birmingham

Today, no business can afford to ignore SEO. With Google being the dominant channel through which customers find your business, it’s all about making sure that you appear on that crucial first page, so you can be found by all the right people.


A qualified and experienced team of SEO experts can dramatically improve your brand’s visibility online, where it really matters. With a smart SEO strategy, your business becomes more competitive, and you win more leads from quality prospects who are searching right now for businesses exactly like yours. Whether your goal is to get an increase in conversion rates, boost your organic results or simply increase your revenue, a personalized SEO campaign can get you there.

Agencies with local expertise

There are countless Birmingham SEO agencies out there, but only a few will have the local expertise needed to get your brand launched and established. Columba can help match your business with the perfect SEO agency in Birmingham, so you can start crafting a winning strategy.


We can open up lucrative marketing opportunities for your business and introduce you to expert agencies, who then work closely with you to start attracting your ideal clients.

Benefits of search engine optimisation agencies

Birmingham is a thriving business mecca, being the largest financial and professional services hub in the UK, generating more than £15 billion annually. There are over 10,000 manufacturing SMEs in Birmingham, and 21,000 professional service companies, including the largest local law society in the UK.


Amidst all this competition, search engine optimisation can help your business stand out from the crowd. In the digital age, how your website ranks in search engines is the key to effective marketing.


A Birmingham SEO agency can understand your business needs on a local level and make sure your SEO marketing efforts are targeted both to your specific market and your unique business goals. They’ll have the know-how needed to position your company as optimally as possible, so your prospective clients are finding you before they find your competition.


SEO takes the hard work out of prospecting for new customers, and helps you navigate the digital landscape effectively. The right SEO agency can help you target clients you may never have encountered otherwise, which means you’re free to focus your energy on perfecting your product or business offering.

How we match your business with an SEO company in Birmingham

With something as important as choosing the right SEO agency, you can’t rely on word of mouth recommendations alone. Instead, Columba takes out the guesswork and pairs you with a Birmingham SEO agency that will really understand your business.

The process is simple. Get in touch with us to submit a business brief explaining your needs, and we’ll call you back to ask a few questions, and make sure we’re on the same page. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about how best to piece together an effective brief; we’ll be there with our brief generator to prompt and guide you through the process.

We’ll then scan our database to select the top three SEO agencies in Birmingham that best suit your business profile. We keep detailed records of every agency we work with, so we know exactly who they’ve helped in the past, how, and what their speciality is. The result is a substantial network of vetted agencies across a range of working styles, budgets, and experience.

The Matching Process

We take care of the next part, too: you’ll be invited to attend a few meetings with these agencies, who will then pitch their proposals to you, if you’re interested.


You don’t have to make your decision alone, however – our team will be on hand with plenty of professional support to help you make your choice, so you feel confident in the agency you eventually appoint to work for you and your business.


Finding the ideal SEO agency in Birmingham can be a hassle, but here at Columba, we can quickly introduce you to the people who can start making a real difference to your business, for an affordable fee.

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I've appointed three amazing agencies for three separate projects using Columba. Knowing that each agency I spoke to had been vetted against my very specific needs massively reduced any hassle or risk involved. To be honest, I won't ever appoint an agency again without going through this process.

Lyndon Pryce

S Jones Containers (Aldridge)

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