How to Beat the Summer Slowdown

Sometimes the Summer months can see a slowdown in marketing success.

But this doesn’t have to be the case…


With the majority of people choosing to take a break from work, their desktops and subsequently adverts during the hot summer months, the success of your winter marketing efforts can start to see a slowdown and conversion rates for many industries can be disappointing. 

However, this does not need to be the case.

Through slowing down your efforts on certain marketing channels to adapting or expanding your efforts elsewhere in areas such as influencer marketing and social media, you can effectively fight the summer slowdown.

Explore New Marketing Channels

Whilst people off on their holidays may take a break from work and their desktops, they’re likely to still be active on their mobile devices keeping up with their friends.

As a result, paid media support for mobile apps, social media channels, and mobile website advertising should take priority in the summer months. 

According to Facebook insights, social posts increase by almost 30% in summer and posts including the word ‘travel’ have been shown to spike by 46%. This shows just how much of an impact you can have on social media in the summer months through your own organic content, paid social and influencer marketing. 

Travel, bbqs and trips to the beach are what influencers live for so now is the time to invest in influencer marketing or expand this strategy further. With more time spent on social media, potential consumers will spend more time engaging with influencers – making it the perfect time to get your brand message out there.

If you don’t have the expertise in-house, now may be the time to invest in an external agency who specialises in social media or influencer marketing. This could change the game when it comes to fighting the summer slowdown.

Slowdown on the cold emails

Creative email outreach can be a brilliant way to engage with both new and existing clients/customers. However, when prospects return to the office from their holidays, they’ll be busy catching up on important communications and are likely to ignore or put off responding to cold emails.

Instead of focusing on sales through emails you should instead prioritise capturing email addresses converting visitors to your website into email subscribers. Through providing a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly dose of value in the form of a newsletter you could keep potential customers engaged into the winter months when they’re more likely to spend.

Focus on content that will grab attention

People are likely to have far less time to consume marketing content in the summer as months, so instead of focusing on long detailed pieces of content you have to produce content that will quickly grab their attention.

A great way to do this is creating content that relies mostly on visuals rather than written text. Keep your social media captions short, make vlogs instead of writing blogs, start a podcast etc. All these marketing methods are much more likely to draw in prospective customers over the summer as they require little effort and could even be interpreted as entertainment.

Need some help changing up your strategy for the summer months? We’ve got you covered.

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