6 Things You Should Always Include In A Brief

6 Things You Should Always Include In A Brief

The Essential Criteria

All agency-brand relationships start with a brief, and like all relationships laying solid foundations is critical for guaranteeing the success and health of the partnership. We write briefs with brands everyday and talk to agencies about what they need to know to create a good proposal. We’ve pulled together a list of 6 things we think you should always include in a brief – what we refer to as the essential criteria.

1. A little bit about you…

It’s important to let an agency know a little bit about you, so they can consider how they might fit in with that and the previous experience they’ve had within your industry. It’s also useful to include things like key competitors, and other brands you find inspiring.

2. What exactly do you want to achieve?
Be clear about what the ideal outcome of this project. Are you looking to increase leads? Or is your concern primarily around your conversion rate? Do you want help identifying new target markets to expand your business? Whatever route an agency pitches to you, the end goal should always be the same. So spend some time considering exactly what you’re hoping to achieve, and

3. When do you expect to see change by?
Giving the agencies a timescale to work to helps them provide a clearer outline of how they will go about their work.

4. What marketing activities do you have going on currently?
This is often overlooked and yet, we find, so important! Let them know what you’re doing at the moment, so they can feed off that and better understand how to fit into your marketing activities as a whole.

5. What kind of communication do you expect?
Do you want an agency that will work as part of your team? Do you want a dedicated accounts manager? Or do you just want weekly or monthly reports on the figures. Making this clear at the start prevents any issues in communication further down the line.

6. What’s your budget?
Be honest about your budget. Giving the agency a hard upper limit to what you’re willing to spend helps have a clearer idea of what they can do with that money. It’s not in their favour to go over budget if they want to work with you, especially if you’re running a competitive pitch with a number of agencies.

How We Can Help

If you want help writing a brief and finding the perfect agency, Columba can help. We’ll sit down with you to write a fail-proof brief, cherry pick the best agencies for your specifications and then present you with a shortlist of pitches from reliable, tried-and-tested agencies.

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